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Read the opening pages of Flesh Wounds.

From Flesh Wounds by Richard Glover

According to my mother, I was the first artificial insemination baby in Australia. The claim is not as unlikely as it sounds; the dates work out. She wasn't talking about IVF or test tubes, just about sperm and a turkey baster. Old style. So her story made some sense. It was her reason for needing help that was strange. She and my father were having trouble conceiving, which is not surprising when you consider she'd never slept with him. Not once. They'd been married twelve years and still the marriage was unconsummated. And even in 1958, it was hard to get pregnant without having sex.
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Richard Glover's Guide to Raising Babies

The government, we've learned this week, might be willing to pay for at-home childcare from qualified people - so why shouldn't parents themselves be eligible? Sure, we'll need to take the requisite TAFE course, but the basic information can't be that hard to master.
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How to write a diet bestseller

It's diet book season and there's no reason why you too should not pen a New York Times bestseller. Just follow these simple instructions and your book will fit seamlessly into this booming and financially rewarding genre.
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The virtues of the local book store

The internet is an echo chamber, and never more so than when it comes to books. Whatever message you shout into the valley will come right back at you.
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A love song to the surly, burly, crappy Australia of old

In my favourite small town, Taralga, they've done up the top pub. It's all plasma TVs and marble tabletops. There's a wine list and fine food. It's all terrific. Part of me, though, liked the old pub.
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How do you tell if you are a true Aussie?

Here are Richard Glover's 43 top ways to tell if you're a local.
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Spring is eternal, just like weeds

The glory of a Sydney spring begins at 7 o'clock one Saturday morning when you stand at your back door and marvel at the beauty of the season. It finishes 2 minutes later when you notice the first weed pushing up between the paving stones on the back porch.
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The suggestible woman

Living with a suggestible woman is a lottery. Especially if she's a big reader. For years, Jocasta's mood has been influenced by what she's been reading.
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