Book Reviews

“It’s just wonderful”
Bill Bryson

“Sad, funny, revealing, optimistic and hopeful”
Jeanette Winterson

Matthew Parris

“Poignant and wildly entertaining”
The Sydney Morning Herald

“Engrossing and extremely funny”
The Saturday Paper

“Heartbreaking and hilarious…I couldn’t put it down”
Tracey Spicer

“A new classic … a breathtaking accomplishment in style and empathy”
The Australian

“A wonderful story of survival and growth.”
Jennifer Byrne, The Book Club, ABC TV

“Not since ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ by Clive James has there been a funnier, more poignant portrait of an Australian childhood.”
Simon Hughes, AFR Magazine

“Magnificent. It is Catcher in the Rye, but sweeter and more raw.”
Caroline Overington

What people are saying about Why Men are Necessary and More News from Nowhere:
“24-carat comedy gold…told with sly wit and side-splitting one-liners.”

Leila McKinnon, Australian Women’s Weekly